YEAR 13 hardworking on the Mock exam !


Y6 prospective students Opening Evening at The Mad Hatter’s Tea!

On Wednesday 20th September The Leigh hosted the Y6 Open evening for prospective Y7 students.


The art department had put on a Mad Hatter’s Tea still life set up for volunteering Leigh art students to draw from observation.

Whilst the other room showcased Y7 – 13 art works to showcase our Art course and what outcomes students had produced in the time at the school. This was a great opportunity for prospective students and their parents to see what Art offers here at The Leigh. It was an evening to engage with students art works and ask questions about the courses.

We had a number of our students volunteer on the evening to talk draw from the still life as well as engage with the Y6’s and their parents.


Thanks to all our students who helped out on this evening. The Y6’s and parents seemed to engage well with the artworks and hopefully they grasped an understanding of how art runs as a course from years 7-13.



Just where do Artists…get their inspiration? Glitterartists…

There has been a real collaboration between year 9 Fine Art students and  the artist Jenny Webb. IMG_6755The Students saw her work  which is enhanced with gold and silver leaf  and ‘glitter’! And have been inspired to add some extra adornment to their own ‘dream ‘ paintings.

The students asked Jenny about her work with questions like ….who is your inspiration? And why do you use glitter in your work?

She responded with the following… ‘Painting is like hand-writing we all have a different style to say the same things eg cup, flower, bottle try writing them and then draw or paint them and see if you have an evolving style.
I saw a painting of some red glittery shoes at the RA summer show about 15 years ago and that set me off. I haven’t done it so much recently. The circle painting has a bit.
I get my ideas from things I see and that attract me visually, colour, texture, shape etc.
I don’t remember but think that the cherub looked a bit sad and thoughtful.
Anything is worth what people will pay-I hate putting a price on things and am happy that people like them and want to live with them.
You are making me think I should return to glitter, not sure why I have abandoned it lately- perhaps I will add it to one I am not so happy with I’ll take a photo it before and after and you can see what you think! If it goes on I will be stuck with it and will blame you. Jenny.’

She  also sent a picture of her lastest work before and after Glitter!



All the students were excited that they might have inspired  the Artist that had inspired them!

We would like to thank  Jenny so much for her contribution to their broader understanding of  Art and the reasons that artists make it .

She calls them…. the ‘Glitterartists’!

Rewards trip to Margate

Thursday 20th July

At the end of every school year rewards trips are put in place near the end of term. This year the art department organised a beach day to Margate.

The weather was slightly cloudy at first but as soon as we walked on the sand the sun came out. Equipped with spades, frisbees and balls we were all set for a day at the beach.  We had a sand sculpture competition where students made a mermaid out of the sand.  The students used seaweed for hair and shells for adding facial detail, and the most sculptural ones won prizes.

margate 4

We also had make a boat from newspaper and a running competition – again involving haribo sweet prizes for winners.

At 12pm we ate our lunch on the beach where we were faced with a line of anticipating seagulls hoping to be fed. We then split into groups some paddled in the sea and others went to a mini fayre followed by a trip to the arcades.

The weather unfortunately took a turn for the worst and the heavens opened causing a torrential downpour. As we can see from the photos below this didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit.

Students enjoyed the arcades winning tokens and there was also a win on the grab machine ….pumba from the Lion King. There was time to get some rock, ice cream from a shop near by and then it was time to head back to the station.

The rain was unfortunate but the students seemed to enjoy the day nonetheless. Now for one final school day before the summer break.





Y10 Fine Art and Year 12 Gr/Fa/Ph trip to Whitstable


On Friday 7th July we embarked on a train journey to Whitstable. Our students walked around the seaside town to photograph the town capture portraits and street photography. Whitstable is full of quirky shops and the occasional yarn bomb (as you can see above). This made the location perfect to collect photography, drawings to go towards their coursework.


The students mission was to photography different lettering on signs and things that were out the ordinary. Many of our students asked the locals for portrait photos and captured people amongst the surroundings on what was a lovely day to be by the sea.


For our fine art students they were able to draw the seascape from observation even using a bit of salt water to add watercolour paint. They also had a plastic crab to draw within their paintings. This was brilliant for students to use colour matching and really look in depth at what they were painting. We had some very successful paintings.


Fine Art and Graphics A Level also created paintings of the seascape using both watercolour and oil paint. And Photography A Level definitely made use of their time in Whitstable by taking numerous amounts of photography from the seascape, shop windows to street photography.

The weather was sunny all day and really helped our students capture the beauty of this seaside town.