Whitstable Watercolour challenge


Year 10 and Year 12 photography students and Year 12 Fine artists ….spent the day recording Whitsable… the painters had a water colour challenge in the harbour…and the photographers rammed sound the town looking for their own response to the theme of PORTAL…. it was an excellent day of focus( no pun intended) and positivity. All students achieved a lot….






Year 10 take a crab…to Whitstable!

Year 10 Fine art ,Photography and Graphics students spent the day working on location in Whitstable… they were either doing some street photography , or painting a crab on the beach or making research for a promotional leaflet! All students were really focused and produced a fabulous set of work! They really made us proud!

More graphics A level

A level Graphics



Students are working on a variety of individual briefs in response to the theme FREEDOM and LIMITATIONS from packaging ,branding and promotion to book jacket design.

Year 12 …..making connections ?

Year 12 students started the year with the theme CONNECTIONS. They have explored physical connections…. in drawing… links to other artists .. and in these paintings are… making pieces that are DIS~CONNECTED… ! The still life  paintings created have been  developed from things that clearly have no real link to each other!

Students are beginning to find their own voice and are making strong, personal responses.